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LTE Advanced (LTE-A) - Explained

Course Description:

It is an overview course on 4G LTE advanced. The key concepts behind LTE-advanced (LTE R10 and future releases) will be covered as part of this course. The participants will be able to understand the key ideas being pursued by 3GPP as a part of LTE evolution. The benefits due to the new technologies and the impacts on the various elements of the network will be highlighted.

Target Audience:

The target audience for this course includes:

  • Mobile Device Engineers
  • Field Engineers, BSS Engineers
  • Network Engineers and Design Engineers, O&M Engineers
  • Software Developers and Testers

Delivery Method:

The delivery will be instructor-led classroom training with extensive practical case studies, interactive discussions and Q&A / quiz sessions.

Course Outline
Overview of LTE-Advanced

  • Expectations of 4G wireless technology
  • IMT-Advanced specifications
  • 3GPP Evolution
  • Key components of LTE advanced (R10 and future)
  • UE categories
  • Deployment Aspects
Air-interface enhancements

  • Carrier Aggregation
    • Intra-band and inter-band aggregation
  • Control plane protocols
  • Cross carrier scheduling
  • User plane protocols
  • Acquisition and connection establishment
  • Component carrier management
  • UL MAC enhancements
  • UL transmitter and receiver enhancements
MIMO advances and their impact

  • DL MIMO schemes; 8-antenna MIMO and enhanced MU-MIMO
  • Enhanced reference signals
  • CoMP – principle , challenges, and scenarios

  • Types of HetNets in LTE-Advanced
  • Relay operation with self backhaul
    • Relay protocol architecture
    • Backhaul physical channels and scheduling
    • Backhaul HARQ
  • Pico eNB / small cells support
    • Enhanced Inter-cell interference coordination (EICIC)
    • Almost blank sub frames (ABS) and their usage
    • X2 interface enhancements for EICIC
    • Interference cancellation methods
  • Home eNB
    • Managing interference in Home eNB deployments
    • CSG issues and their management
  • Remote radio heads
Data Transmission Aspects

  • System acquisition and synchronization signals
  • PDCCH changes from LTE to LTE-A
  • DL data transmission; reference signals, MIMO modes
  • UL data transmission; MIMO modes
  • Data rate calculations in DL and UL
Other topics

  • Self organizing networks (SONs) and their role
    • Automatic neighbour discovery
    • Physical cell ID management
    • RACH optimization
    • Minimization of drive testing
    • Energy savings
  • Location services in LTE networks
    • ECID,OTDOA, A-GNSS, and other methods
    • LPP and SUPL protocol
    • New elements in EPC
  • Release update summary
  • Migration from LTE to LTE-Advanced

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